Baby-Proof Living Room Design

When it’s time to have a baby, one of the first things you need to do is to get the babies room ready for their arrival. It’s filled with fresh paint, new clothes, soft blankets and sturdy furniture. But one of the most neglected areas is often the living room. This area of the home is widely used and will be mostly used for entertaining the family as they play with baby. Making this room bay-proof is a good way to prevent any accidents that may happen when baby begins to explore. Check out these tips for baby-proofing your living room.

Open design

One of the main concerns with a bay moving about is being able to constantly keep an eye on them. That means a clear line of vision wherever they are in the room. A good way to achieve this is by having an open space design concept in your living room. This can include open legged furniture and lots of natural lighting.

Color options

Bright and bold colors should be left out of designing for baby. Black and white colors are not only good for honing babies spatial skills, they also hide stains well which bay loves to make. Splashes of color are ok; just keep in mind that overdoing it could end up haunting you in the long run if you need to redo it.


An often underestimated area of baby-proofing design, but it is quite necessary. Table, floor and other hanging wire lamps need to be replaced with out of the way lighting. Task lighting is still important however and can be achieved with the installation of task lighting or wall mounted directional halogens. Task lighting comes in during those late night feedings.

Soft Furniture

Couches that suck you in aren’t really that nice when you’re at a stranger’s house; unless they have a baby. The softer and more relaxed you are when babies around, the better. Feeding, relaxing and even playing on soft and comfortable furniture is crucial to being a happy and healthy parent.