Homemade Space-Themed Party Decorations for Kids

Throwing a space themed party is fun for kids, and creating your own homemade decorations makes the party even more fun. There are many easy space themed party decorations you can make, and this article will provide you with detailed instructions on creating several homemade space themed party decorations for kids.

You can make spaceships inexpensively and easily using recycled items. For this space themed party decoration you will need two paper plates, silver paint, fishing line or dental floss, scissors, glue, and a black marker.

Start this homemade space decoration by poking a hole in the middle of one plate. Thread the floss through the hole and tie it in a knot; you may want to add a piece of tape to the inside of the plate to secure the string. Glue the plates together to create an alien spaceship and paint them silver. Add windows and a door with the marker and your homemade party decoration is complete.

Glowing Stars

Glowing stars are always a fun decoration to any space themed party and this homemade decoration is easy to make. For this project you will need cardboard, scissors, glowing paint, a pen, and a paintbrush.

Start this homemade space decoration by drawing several stars onto the cardboard and cut them out. Paint the stars and allow them to dry, and this homemade party decoration is complete. If you do not have glowing paint you can also use glitter or neon paint for an equally space like look.

Alien Jars

Another fun party decoration with space in mind is alien jars; these homemade decorations are easy and inexpensive to create. For this craft you will need old jars with lids, paint, food coloring, scissors, labels, markers, and expanding foam animals.

Start this project by painting all of the lids and cleaning out the jars. Place the expanding animals in a bowl of water and allow them to expand for a few hours. Cut sections of the animal apart and put them into the jars. Fill the jars with food coloring and water and wipe the jars dry. Add fun descriptions to the labels and add them to the homemade space themed decorations to complete them.

Planet Garland

Another easy homemade decoration that is great for a space themed party is a planet garland. For this project you will need lids of different sizes, paint, paint brushes, ribbon, hot glue sticks, and a hot glue gun. Start by researching the different planets and images of them.

Use the paint and paintbrushes to paint the lids to look like the planets. Feel free to make up your own planets if you like as well. Glue the lids to a long piece of ribbon and your space decoration is complete.

Homemade decorations are a great addition to your space theme party décor, and these crafts are easy and fun for your party.