Incorporate Your Child’s Artwork into Your Home Decorations

With two young artists in my home I have had to start coming up with some creative ways to incorporate my children’s artwork into my decorating. They get so proud of their artwork, as do I, that we want to show it off with more creativeness than simply taping it to the door or hanging it on the refrigerator. Here are some creative ways that we have incorporated our children’s artwork into our homes decorating style:

One thing you can do is to laminate your children’s drawings to protect them. Then have an entire wall in a room of your home that is decorated with just their drawings. Around each drawing you can take a thin boarder and place it around each one of the drawings, this acts as a frame to all of the pieces. This is a simple and creative way to incorporate your child’s artwork into your homes decorating.

Ask your child to draw something that goes specifically with your homes established decorating theme and then frame the drawing in a nice picture frame and display it. If your living room is decorated in floral prints, your child can draw a nice picture of flowers done in the same colors for you to display.

You can take a few of their drawings down to a print store and have them printed out on some fabric. They you can sew the fabric onto some throw pillows as a great way to incorporate your child’s artwork into your homes decorating.

You can take some of your child’s smaller pictures and cut them out. Then you will want to laminate them and attach a magnet on the back of each one. Now you can use your child’s pictures on your refrigerator as a refrigerator magnet.

Have your child cut out some of their drawings into nice shapes and then laminate each drawing. Then you can arrange them and stick them onto the insides of your kitchen’s cupboard doors. Now each morning as you reach for your coffee cup, you can see the beautiful drawings your child made for you.

Get a glass piece that is meant for the top of your desk. Line your child’s drawings on the top of your desk and then place the sheet of glass on top of your desk. Now you can always enjoy your child’s artwork while you are hard at work at your desk.

Have fun coming up with some of your own creative ideas to incorporate your child’s artwork into your homes decorating.